Best Cheap Sewing Machines

As a seamstress and an avid crafter for many years, today I want to look into the pros and cons of the best inexpensive sewing machines on the market. I understand how beneficial a sewing machine can be when you want to create fun projects or in an emergency to make a quick repair of a torn seam. Lucky for you there are plenty of affordable machines available that could meet your needs.

I researched these different machine models and by running down the features of each I can offer you a greater understanding of what economical brand of sewing machine will be a proper fit for you. I hope by presenting this list of budget-friendly options in this format I will save you time and stress.

The Best Cheap Sewing Machines

Sewing MachineModel NameOur RatingPrice
4.5 $
3.5 $
3.1 $
4 $
4.4 $


With 27 built-in stitch options, The Brother XM2701 Lightweight sewing machine is easy to carry and set up but still feels sturdy. The pretty front design featuring all your stitch choices has an expensive look. The overall functions like threading and stitches are solid. For the price, this is an exceptional machine for use by any skill level of crafter.

Feedback from purchasers leans extremely favorable. At this price point, this machine does more than anticipated. It is made of primarily molded parts, so treating the machine gently is a must. To master the self-threading feature, following the included instructional DVD is crucial, with many customers finding it hard to get it to work the first time. Has a built-in bobbin rewinder, with a simple to use drop-in bobbin case. Capable of sewing through many layers of fabric, keeping good tension, but works best on thinner fabrics.

The foot pedal may take some time for you to get the right feel for controlling the speed. An all-around good option for alterations or small repairs in clothing, straight-seam quilting, and craft projects.


  • 27 Easy To Use Built-in Stitches with 63 Overall Stitch Functions
  • Lightweight Yet Sturdy Design
  • One-Step Buttonholer-Automatic
  • Decorative & Quilting Stitches
  • 6 Quick-Change Sewing Feet Included
  • Easy Needle Threader
  • Quick-Set Drop-In Bobbin
  • Free Arm for Hemming Cuffs


  • LED Light Not Bright Enough
  • Plastic Components Prone to Breakage
  • Foot Pedal Speeds Have a Learning Curve
  • Awkward Location of Presser Foot Lever

For the money, you receive plenty of features in an uncomplicated machine. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised if you buy the Brother XM2701 Lightweight.



This little machine is a handheld design with no bobbin feature. It works best for small repairs on thin fabrics. Very portable and can also be run on batteries. Only allows for sewing a straight stitch.

This machine gets very mixed customer feedback. A lot of complaints about skipped stitches, and it only works properly on thin fabrics. I have used this model and do believe it is best for short hem repairs on curtains or pillowcases, things that are thinner. It is handy to just fix the item in its place and not have to take it to a table like a regular sewing machine. Good for travel/camping for quick repairs since it does allow for cord-free use. Proper threading is key in order for this machine to run correctly. There is no bobbin, just one continuous thread. The unit does get heavy and hard to hold after prolonged use, another reason why it is best for small repairs.


  • Small and Portable
  • Can Run on Batteries/Cord Free
  • Fix Repairs in Place


  • Only Offers Straight Stitch
  • Hard to Correctly Thread
  • Skips Stitches
  • Can Be Hard to Hold
  • Only for Thinner Fabrics

Overall, I only suggest the HAITRAL Handheld Sewing Machine if you cannot use a tabletop model because you are short on space. There are better machines, with more functions, for this price.



This is a portable sewing machine with two options for stitch speed. It also can run on batteries. Features a working light, thread cutter, bobbin rewinder, and a foot pedal. Sews easily through a variety of fabrics. This machine sews a straight stitch only with no backstitch ability. Easy operation whether a beginner or advanced user and light to carry.

Customer feedback gives the LIANTRAL Mini rave reviews. Overall an excellent choice for crafters and quilters. It does more than just make repairs of clothing, you can create items from scratch with this unit. The dual-speed capability is fabulous, adjusting it slower for projects where you want more control of your stitches. Plastic components may have a tendency to wear out faster. Being portable by using just the batteries is an added bonus. Just remember to unplug that cord before you work with just batteries, or you will damage the machine.

The machine comes with a package of thread and matching bobbins. The consensus is that this thread is inferior quality for use in a machine and is best suited for hand-sewing projects.


  • 2 Speeds
  • Portable/Takes Batteries
  • Handles Most Fabrics Easily
  • Ease of Operation
  • Comes with Sewing Kit/Thread/Needles


  • Straight Stitch Only
  • Plastic Components Prone to Wear
  • Will Stop When Fabric Layers are Too Thick

I will give the LIANTRAL Mini Sewing Machine a thumbs up if you are looking for a very basic straight stitch machine that can handle an array of fabrics from thin cotton to denim. Price is outstanding.



This portable machine features 12 built-in stitches, making it ideal for sewing more advanced projects. Very lightweight and also will run on battery power. Has an adjustable stitch length and width, built-in needle threader, free arm, bobbin rewinder, and onboard accessory storage compartment.

Customer feedback for the DONYER Power Electric Sewing Machine is very positive. It has simple to use features that allow children and adults to feel comfortable. The built-in features make it easy to create the look you want. From the peek at the extreme instructions included with the machine showing proper threading procedures, I feel that there could be problems with the threads jamming if not done correctly. From hemming jeans to making pillows for your couch, this machine can do it. With the ability to run on batteries it can be toted where ever you like. An overall great crafter’s machine.


  • 12 Built-In Stitches
  • Bobbin Rewinder
  • Adjustable Stitch Length & Width
  • Portable/Takes Batteries
  • Lightweight


  • Must Thread Precisely Per Instructions
  • Plastic Components Prone to Wear

I will say that this cute sewing machine could be a wonderful selection for the beginning sewer. With an array of stitches and built-in features guiding a new user, it also has enough versatility to let one move into harder projects when ready. A pleasant machine to learn on without a large investment.


BROTHER XR3774 – $

This sewing machine has 37 stitches to choose from, comes with the customary sewing feet most needed for designs, and a wider sewing table suitable to hold quilting projects. Will stitch through fabric up to 6mm thick. The advanced stitch features make this perfect for seasoned sewers. The automatic buttonholer creates precise one-step buttonholes. It is easy to sew hems and cuffs with the free arm. As one of the more expensive “cheap” machines on this list, it offers extra features and better quality construction.

The Brother XR3774 sewing machine has fantastic shopper feedback. The machine was awarded the 2018 Women’s Choice Award with nine out of ten customers recommending this item to others. It has easy to view stitch selections featured on the front of a pretty blue panel. The wider surface of the table allows you to sew larger pieces of fabrics together, which is a boon for quilters.

The design makes transporting from storage to workspace a snap. The user-friendly features make learning to sew fun. The machine also has the capabilities to carry you through to high-level sewing projects without having to upgrade your machine. The bobbin rewinding feature and the top drop quick-set bobbin make it a breeze to prep for sewing. The capacity to do some free-motion quilting is enabled by putting the cover on the feed dogs.

There are reports of issues or complaints with problems arising from the bobbin thread tension. This seems to be a manufacturing issue in some machines which is not allowing proper alignment for thread pick-up from the bobbin. This is not a user error problem that can be fixed, and a replacement machine would have to be requested within the return window. This model is flexible enough to repair jeans or execute a beautiful quilt.


  • 37 Built-In Stitches
  • Wide Sewing Table
  • Free Arm
  • Automatic Buttonholer
  • Drop-In Bobbin
  • Bobbin Rewinder
  • 8 Sewing Feet Included


  • Bobbin Tension Issues
  • Plastic Components Prone to Wear

I will give this machine the best recommendation based on its overall features. I would say this is better for those with intermediate to advanced skill who just want a cheap machine for fun projects.



With this overview of the low-cost sewing machines on the market, you now have a better understanding of which could be most practical for you.

In order for you to determine the correct model, you need to analyze the varieties of projects you will be taking on and the features you may need to accomplish those tasks.

If you will be making only pillows or curtains you might only need a sewing machine that offers straight stitching, but might also find the bobbin rewinder a time-saver. A midpoint machine like the DONYER Power Electric Sewing Machine could be a sound choice.

If you have youngsters interested in learning to sew but you are unsure about spending too much money on a machine, the affordability of the LIANTRAL Mini or the Brother XM2701 Lightweight might be good for beginners. If the child becomes uninterested, you will be left with a dependable machine for general repairs.

The HAITRAL Portable has a learning curve but can make fast work of a repair that needs a simple straight stitch. Not having to store a bulky sewing machine may be a good reason to select this handheld unit.

If you want the most features you can get your hands on, without the high cost, then the Brother XR3774 model sewing machine might be just the thing.


Being able to sew fun projects in the comfort of home has always given me much joy. The ability to learn how to repair hems, fix seams, alter clothing, make decorative items or costumes can give you a lot of confidence to branch out into even more complex sewing projects. Having a reliable, yet a simple to use, model to start your sewing journey is crucial.

This list of cheap sewing machines shows that there are many low-cost options that are good quality out there. I hope I have given you an informative run-down on the sewing machine models available that could be perfect for you and your budget. Protection Status