Best Embroidery Machines Reviews

Crafting is not just a hobby. It is a passion. Seeing your project come to life after putting some work is the most satisfying thing. For good crafting experience, you need to make sure that you have the right machines to do it.

An embroidery machine is one of the crafting essentials because it creates patterns with ease and speed. If you have been doing prints by hand, then it is time to consider buying an embroidery machine.

Who needs an embroidery machine? An embroidery machine is not just for designers. It is an excellent machine to own at home. Having this machine at home will make it easy to customize clothes and even home décor. People who are passionate about crafting can benefit from using this machine. It is also ideal for children who want to grow their art and craft skills.

Top Embroidery Machines

Sewing MachineModel NameOur RatingPrice
4.4 $$$
4.3 $$
4.4 $$$
4.3 $$$$
4.1 $$$
4.4 $$$$

Brother SE400 – computerized sewing and embroidery — $$$

The Brother SE400 is one of the beginner-friendly machine considering its price and ease of use. This is a machine that can be used for sewing, crafting and doing prints. Beginners who do not want to invest in many machines and are working with a limited budget can benefit from the Brother SE400. It comes with an LCD screen and automatic threading for ease of use. When you buy this machine, you will also get some tutorials to familiarize yourself with embroidery work.


  • Automatic – automation is an important feature when buying a machine. A machine that will help you do most of the work is worth considering. The Brother SE400 has an automatic bobbin winding and needle threading system. You don’t have to worry about the machine jamming all the time.
  • Variety of patterns – the Brother SE400 has a variety of patterns to enable you to come up with as many designs as possible. The machine has 120 pattern combinations, five letter fonts, and 67 in-built stitches. These features are meant to help you in coming up with unique and creative designs when doing embroidery work
  • Computerized – the computerized nature of the Brother SE400 makes it easy for you to get designs from the internet. In case you need new designs apart from those on the machine, you can always get them online from the internet.
  • Backlit – the backlit keyboard and screen gives you an easy time when working even in low light areas because you can see what is happening on the screen.


  • Small hoop – since the machine is made with beginner needs in mind, it has a small hoop of 4’’ by 4’’. In case you want to print a large surface, then this material might not be right for you.
  • Accessories – you might be required to buy extra accessories to properly use the machine because it only comes with the basics.


SINGER 7469Q – All-around embroidery machine — $$

The SINGER 7469Q is what you will call an all-around embroidery machine. Whether you are beginner learning embroidery or a seasoned crafting expert, this machine will serve the purpose well. It has advanced features that you might not get from the necessary quilting machines, but it is also easy to use.

With this machine, you will get an embroidery foot for creating beautiful patterns and a feed foot that helps you in controlling large fabrics. The sewing surface is large and in case you are working with a substantial fabric, you will get an easy time handling it.


  • No noise – Quilting and sewing machines are noisy. If you do not want to wake your kids up every time you start quilting, consider buying this machine. This machine allows you to do normal activities like listen to the radio and talk to people while using the machine.
  • Sturdy prints – it is essential to make sure that you make sturdy prints when quilting. The SINGER 7469Q is suitable for producing reliable and secure prints due to its mode of operation. The machine does not just quilt. After quilting, the machine goes back to make sure the prints are in position.
  • Lightweight and compact – buying a lightweight and compact embroidery machine is essential. You need to consider looking for a machine that is easy to move in case you want to change your working station. The compact design is also suitable for working in small spaces.
  • For beginners and professionals – the SINGER 7469Q is a good machine both for beginners and professionals. If you are looking for a machine that you will use for a long time, then consider this option. You can use the machine as a beginner and as a professional.


  • Voltage challenge – the SINGER 7469Q has voltage restriction, and this means that it can only be used for people living in Canada and US. In case you want to buy the machine for use in Africa, Asia or Europe, then it might not be ideal for you.
  • Poor lighting – the poor lighting in the working area might not be right for you, and it is challenging when working in areas with limited lighting.


Brother LB6800PRW – project running with the case — $$$$

The Brother LB6800PRW is beginner embroidery with a professional look. At first, you will notice the white and blue beautiful exterior. When buying the machine, it comes with a carrying case, and it is easy to carry it around whenever the need arises.

The machine is ideal for sewing and quilting so beginners practicing their crafting techniques will benefit from this machine. Just like any other computerized machine, you can connect it to the PC and upload interesting designs into the machine.


  • Download patterns – the ability to download new patterns is one thing that makes this machine stand out from the rest. It is easy to update the machine and get all the new patterns available on the internet. The ability to download new patterns helps you to explore your creativity.
  • Jam-resistant mechanism – the jam-resistant bobbin winding mechanism makes it easier for when sewing. You don’t have to worry about your machine jamming all the time in the middle of doing your work.
  • Variety of designs and stitches – the variety of designs and stitches is good when trying to come up with unique designs for your quilting project. It is easy to come up with an interesting pattern from the 70 in-built embroidery designs. The machine also has 5 inbuilt fonts and 120 frame patterns.
  • Adjustable speed setting – the ability to adjust speed settings is an important feature. With this embroidery machine, you can adjust your speed setting based on your skill level. You can choose among the three paces available.
  • Minimal noise – the machine has minimal noise keeping in mind that it is sturdy. It produces less vibration when in operation and this means that it produces less noise. A quiet machine when working from home is essential.


  • Small hoop – since this is a considered a beginner machine, it has a small hoop. The four by four makes it challenging when you want to work on a big surface area.
  • Bulky – the machine is quite bulky, and it might be difficult when you want to move it to a different working area. However, the fact that it comes with a bag makes it easy to carry it without experiencing challenges.


Brother PE535 – 80 in-built designs — $$$

The Brother PE535 is known for the variety of inbuilt designs. It has 80 inbuilt designs, and it has a variety that you might not get from other machines in the class. For instance, with this machine, you will get unique kids designs, borders, decorative alphabets, and holiday floral designs.

It also comes with a memory that allows you to store exciting designs that you import from your PC since it comes with a USB. You can use the USB to import designs from your computer to the machine. It has a touchscreen just like other computerized embroidery machines.


  • Excellent LED lighting – LED lighting is one of the features that makes this embroidery standout from the rest in the category. The LED lighting is useful if you want to light your working space. With strong lighting, it will be easy to work on your project without relying, on any other source of illumination. Crafting projects need a sharp eye and having good background lighting is very important.
  • Interactive screen – the Brother PE535 is not just a computerized embroidery machine. It has features that you might not get from any other form of computerized machine. For instance, you get a screen alert that helps you to know when the thread is running out so that you can replace it.
  • Technical support – when you buy a new embroidery machine, technical support is everything. You need to look for a machine that will offer you technical support until you are familiar with the working of the machine. When you buy the Brother PE535, you get an opportunity to seek the professional team online or through the phone. In case you get challenges, this can help.
  • Automatic threading – automatic needle threading helps when you are in a hurry to do threading work. All you have to do is to adjust the lever, and all the work will be done for you. When working on projects that require you to change the thread all the time, you will benefit from the automatic threading feature.
  • Variety of designs – using this machine, it is easy to embellish design on any fabric. When using this machine, you can do prints on denim, shirts, gift items, and other prints. The machine produces good quality prints no matter the type of fabric that you are using.


  • Small embroidery area – the small embroidery area is suitable for beginners, but it might not be ideal when working on big projects. In case you might start professional quilting, then the small four by four embroidery area might be too small for you.
  • No sewing features – in case you are looking for a machine that will be used for both sewing and doing embroidery work, then this machine might not be right for you. This machine is made explicitly for embroidery, and it might not work for sewing.


Brother SE600 – 103 built-in stitches and six fonts — $$$$

Brother is a reputable brand in the crafting machine industry. When looking for a budget crafting and quilting machine, then Brother SE600 is an option that is worth considering. It is a little bit advanced, and it has features that you might not get from its counterpart Brother SE400.

Unlike the Brother SE400 that has only 67 built-in stitches, the Brother SE600 has 103 built-in stitches making it a good choice if you want to try out a variety options away from the traditional designs. It is a computerized machine, and this means that you can get a variety of designs and upload them into the machine.


  • Easy connectivity – it is one thing to buy a computerized machine but getting proper connectivity is a whole different story. One thing that you will admit about this machine is the ease of connectivity. You do not have to connect it into the computer like other machines. You can use the USB stick to get designs from the computer and load them into your machine.
  • Color screen – a colored screen will make a great difference when working on your computer. When working with a machine that has a colored screen, it enhances the interaction. It becomes easy to work on the computer and enjoy the user interactions of a colored screen.
  • Advanced features – since the Brother SE600 is a relatively new machine, you can take advantage of the new and advanced features that might not be available in the older machines. For instance, with this machine, you will get the ability to move designs from one area to another. With this machine, you can also preview the colors of the thread.
  • Large touchscreen display – the screen of the Brother SE600 is not just colored. It is also large enough so that you can use it without any problems. Since it has touchscreen features, you do not have to worry about using buttons. The touchscreen is easy to use.
  • Jam resistant – the jam resistant features will help you to do your work easier because you do not need to stop every time your machine jams. The bobbin is quick and easy to drop, and you don’t have to keep looking for the bobbin thread all the time.


  • Small hoop – the small embroidery hoop makes it difficult when working on large prints. The 4 by four hoop is very restricting, and it might not be ideal if you start taking your crafting work to the next level.
  • Price – the brother company is a big brand, and this means that the products are quite expensive. It is possible to find a cheaper brand of embroidery machine with the same features. This model is still expensive for its class.


Why buy an embroidery machine?

Improve your embroidery skills

If you have been doing embroidery manually, then it is time to upgrade your skills. An embroidery machine will help you to improve your skills because you will be able to get better results. Doing embroidery by hand is entirely different from doing it using a machine. A machine will help you in achieving perfection that is impossible by hand.

Increase embroidery speed

Machines are meant to speed up work, and the embroidery machine is not any different. Using a machine, it is possible to do a large number of prints in a short time because the machine is doing the patchwork.

Take advantage of technology

Buying an embroidery machine will enable you to take advantage of technology. Most of the machines we have to do are connected to the internet. This means that it is easy for you to access the thousands of prints available on the internet and duplicate them.

Start a crafting business

An embroidery machine is essential if you want to start a crafting business. With an embroidery machine, it will be more comfortable and faster to make crafts for sale. Owning a machine is also a sign that you are serious about your crafting business and you want to embrace professionalism.
Why it’s important to choose the right embroidery machine?

Choosing the right embroidery machine makes a big difference in crafting. There are varieties of machines available, and it might be confusing for a beginner who wants to invest in a good machine. Buying the right embroidery machine will help you to improve your skills and also have an easy time doing crafting. The last thing you want is to buy a machine that does not meet your crafting needs and preference. Here are some tips to help you in making the right choice:


Size is an important factor when buying an embroidery machine. You need to make sure that you check the maximum design size that the machine can make. If you are planning to make large designs, then consider looking for a large size because the standard machines make 8’’by 14 designs. Do not just look at the size of the machine; look for the design of the software and also extra hoops.


Technology has made it possible to get advanced embroidery machines. Technology is something that you should never ignore when buying machines. Consider looking for an embroidery machine that will allow you to use modern technology. Buy a machine that allows you to download prints from the internet and also has an LCD screen for an easy user interface.

Easy to use

You need to consider ease of use when buying an embroidery machine. The machine will come with a manual, but the ease of use is also essential. Buying a machine that has an automatic needle threading technique will save you the trouble of threading manually. A touch LCD screen is also easy to use.

Design features

Since the work of an embroidery machine is coming up with design, you need to consider looking for an embroidery machine that has a variety of features. Some machines will give you the ability to choose your font, alphabetical letters, and designs. The more the design features, the easier it will be for you to come up with exciting designs and prints.

Advancement in embroidery technology

Embroidery technology is quickly changing, and it has advanced over the years. Long gone are the days when people used to do embroidery by hand. We have now moved from doing crafting work by hand to using machines.

The manual machines have now been replaced by computerized machines that are taking crafting and embroidery to a whole new level. With computerized machines, it is easy to upload new designs directly from the internet to the machine.

Most of the machines currently available in the market are computerized, and the age of using manual machines is long gone.

When buying a computerized machine, you need to make sure that the machine is easy to use because some machines might have connectivity issues.

The best bet when buying a quilting machine is to make sure that you buy one that is has a USB stick. The USB stick will allow you to upload the prints directly even when you cannot be able to connect the machine directly into your computer.

The future is still bright for embroidery technology, and we are yet to see more advancement in terms of crafting technology. The embroidery technology has moved from hardware to software, but that is not the end of it yet. We now have a new way for crafters to enhance their crafting business. With the use of new technology, people in crafting business now will be able to accept prints from their clients and approve them online before printing them.

When buying an embroidery machine, you need to make sure that it has all the features that you need for your crafting needs. A good embroidery machine should be easy to use and especially if you are a beginner. When you have a machine that is easy to use you will be productive, and you will enjoy your crafting experience.

You also need to make sure that you use a computerized machine so that you can be able to catch up with technology. A machine with advanced features is also an option worth considering so that you can experiment new features and to also enhance your creativity.

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