Best Sewing Machines For Quilting

The best sewing machines for quilting are the ones that you can use to put down heavy stitches, run through long stretches of fabric, and use for hours on end. You are trying to get something that can serve you for many years, and you need a sewing machine that will hold up even when you have probably made one too many quilts. Take a look at all ten machines below to learn which you should try. There is no definitive answer here, and no two tailors are the same.

Best Sewing Machines for Quilting

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 — $

The Singer that you see here is one of the most professional sewing machines that you could buy, and you should want to try this one when you need that extension table. It is true that the extension table is not the only good thing about this product, but it is a good place to start.

You might find that this machine could be programmed to do anything that you need, and it will accept any extra foot that you want to try. The extension table does allow you some more support, and you could get any stitch in the machine to let it run on autopilot this is very important when you are sewing a lot of stitches in just one quilt, and you could need it to run for several feet before changing.

The machine is recommended because it can take a lot of the strain out of long jobs, and it can be programmed or even set on autopilot. The extension table is useful, and you will not need too much space because the device has been pared down in size from its older cousins.


  • The extension table is very helpful
  • It is programmable
  • It has the autopilot feature


  • The device might not have an extension table that is big enough
  • It might not allow you to run the patterns and stitches you want
  • The autopilot might not do anything for you


Brother XR3774$$

The Brother XR3774 is one of the best sewing machines in the Brother’s family, and you need to take a look at this one when you want to get the eight sewing feet it provides, a lot of patterns, the extension table, and a program that allows you to run different stitches. It is a very strong machine, and it allows you to sew just about anything without worry it is getting stuck.

You might want to change to any of the feet they give you, and they allow you to run 45 different programs before you have even gone online to find any more. You should try to use this sewing machine because it has the extra wide table, and it is the cheapest among all the Brother devices that they have in this class.

This device is recommended because you even get an instructional video of this machine, and you can watch the DVD so that you know how it should be used. You should get instant results, and you can use this machine to sew any quilt that is needed for your family.


  • This machine has the instructional video that tells you what to do with it, and it also has all the accessories you need.
  • You get a big amount of feet to use.
  • You have 45 programs to use right away.


  • The machine might be too large
  • You might need more programmed stitches
  • You might also have a lot of accessories


Brother HC1850$$

You should consider the HC1850 the larger cousin of some of the other Brother machines, and it was made for you to make quilts. This alone makes it very interesting because you can use it to make the specific quilt you need with the font that was meant for sewing. You are not only getting what you need out of this machine, but you are free to use it to put personal touches on your quilts.

You are given the instructional video with this device, and it comes with programs just for quilting. It tells you what to do and allows you to make the quilt you always dreamed of. You do not get the extension table that comes with other machines, but you might not even want it. It sews just like other Brother machines, and it gives you more programs to work from.

Choose from the 130 stitches that are programmed into the machine, but remember that you can still get more online so that you can make even more than your next quilt.

This device is recommended because you can use the stitches, the accessories, and the video to learn how to use it. It allows you to get the most done in one small package.


  • 130 programmed stitches
  • Good price point and still powerful
  • You get extra accessories and the instructional video


  • You could want an extension table
  • You might not need all these stitches
  • You could prefer a machine with more accessories


Brother CS6000i – Best Option for Travelers — $$$

The Brother CS6000i is the machine you choose when you want to have something you can travel with. Right from the start, you will notice that there is a hardcover for this machine. It does have the programmed stitches and accessories, but it is portable more than anything else.

The machine has a unique and modern design that makes it stand out, and you should easily get to the feet and replace them if you need. The display allows you to get the results that you want because you can scroll to any program and run it instantly. It does have programs that will work for quilts, and it also has the programs that let you stitch something a lot simpler.

You should use the needle-threading technology to get the thread in fast, and you are allowed to run any one of seven styles in just the click of a button. You put the case on the machine, pick it up to move around, and you end up anywhere you want.

This machine is recommended because it allows you to travel anywhere you want, and you still get the functionality that you need.


  • The machine is easy to travel with
  • It has programmed styles and stitches
  • It comes with the feet you need


  • You could end up not needing something so portable
  • You could want more accessories instead
  • You might need more programmed stitches


Singer Quantum Stylist 9960$$$$

The Quantum Stylist is one of those machines that comes with a lot of extra accessories that you need if you want to get your quilt done. You also can use this machine with the extension plate because it helps you run across a massive piece of fabric so that you could get your quilt done. The accessories allow you to customize your quilt, and you still run all the programs that you need to get the quilt done. The purpose of this machine is to make it easy for you to make a quilt, and it even gives you space to do that.

There is the special threading technology that is used on this device to help you get started with a new thread, and you reach the feet so that you can change them just as fast. This machine will let you run any program, and you can use this machine so that you can run the autopilot and get the quilt going. There could be some very long-term tasks that are hard to finish without this machine, and it is fully computerized so it can be updated when required.

This device is recommended because of the extra space, the accessories, and the programs that you can use. It is simple for new tailors to use, or it could be used by an expert who wants the programs.


  • The machine has plenty of programs to run
  • You get the extension base
  • You get lots of feet to try


  • This device might be too big for you
  • You might not want the extension table
  • You could end up not needing all these accessories


Brother Quilting and Sewing Machine, PQ1500SL – Time for a Big Sewing — $$

The Brother PQ15000SL is the volume sewing and quilting machine that moves fast and allows you to get a lot of work done in a short period. You will desire this machine if you have a lot of quilts to make, or you just need something that is much faster than the machines you have normally seen.

You could go with this machine because it is the largest of the Brother’s models. It comes with a seamless extension plate that you can set up any time you want, and it can be retracted easily. This also means that you can have very large pieces of fabric on the table. Many people are going to use this device because of the Brother quality and the extension table.

The device is recommended because you can sew the largest pieces of fabric you have ever worked with. It comes with the programmed stitches that you need. There are some accessories, and you are free to watch the video that lets you know how to use the device.


  • The device helps to cover a big amount of work
  • It gives you much more space to sew
  • You can use all the programs and stitch any quilt


  • This device might be far too big for you
  • You might not even want the extension table
  • You could be needed more accessories


Singer 7258 100-Stitch – Small Friend for Different Purposes — $$$$$

Singer 7528 is a decorative sewing machine which can be used in light quilting, but it still allows you to sew heavy quilts because it can run all these programs. It comes up with the computerized functions that you need, and you are free to set this up at any time and start working.

This particular machine has a lot of extra decorative design functions that you might use as well. It is not so large, so it won’t take a whole table in your sewing room.

This Singer is meant to be smaller, and it is recommended for that reason. You are free to make much more distinctive and unique quilts with this device, and you could begin to do things like stitches buttons holes and stitch up customization on each panel.


  • has all the stitches you could ever need
  • It comes with accessories that are helpful
  • The machine has a lot of decorative options for customization


  • You might not want to do decorative things
  • You could need something for heavy duty sewing


JUKI TL-2000Qi — $$

The Juki 2000Qi is the extended table version of their machine, and it was made for working on things like big quilts. It allows you to use a lot of programs that very created for different goals. This means that you could run the programs, get more online, and extend the table so that you can have a very big quilt going through. This machine comes with the instructional video.

This machine is recommended because it can help you to sew anything big, and it also has a retractable table so that you can have many things run over the table while working. You need to try this machine when you want to get outside the usual brands, and it could be a great decision when you are working on big quilts.


  • You get the patterns you need
  • You get the extension table for big quilts
  • You get a training video for this unique brand


  • You might not be comfortable with this brand because it is so different
  • You could think you do not need something so big
  • You could want something with more stitches and patterns


Brother Designio Series, DZ2400$$

The Designio Series is the fanciest of the Brother’s machines, and it has a lot of functions that you get on all the other machines. You should plan to do a lot more decoration things on the quilts that you are currently doing, and you will find out that it will be much easier with this one.

This is a sleeker machine, but it still helps you to have a sort of performance that you need. This means that you could get the quilt done in a much unique style, and there are some unique patterns and stitches on this machine, which you will not be able to find on any other machine.

This machine is recommended because of the beauty that it can create, the extra accessories that you get, and the programming that you could do. You could do a lot of heavy sewing, and you will still make amazing quilts that anyone will like.


  • The design features that are much more beautiful and more ornate
  • The way that you can run any program that Brother has along with running some new ones that they put on their website
  • The machine is easy to use with a simple display to read


  • The machine might be too advanced or complex for your needs
  • You might want something that can do the heavier stitching
  • You could want a machine that is a little cheaper


Brother Sewing Laura Ashley CX155LA$$

The Laura Ashley machine from Brother is a limited edition that you will be amazed by because it is just as beautiful as anything you could expect to see from Laura Ashley. You might notice that this machine has the sewing font built in, and it comes with a lot of different stitches that you get only from the Laura Ashley brand. This is the kind of machine that you will use when you want to sew in the Laura Ashley style, and it will help you add some personal touches to your quilts that you could not do with other machines.

You also need to have the Laura Ashley machine because it still can take any foot along with any thread. You could run all the usual programs you are used to, but they run along with the Laura Ashley stitches and patterns that you get.

The most attractive thing in this machine is that there is no way for you to get the patterns that come from the Laura Ashley brand, and the machine is even decorated in the way that all their products would be. This is pretty interesting for you to partake in because it can help you to work in a style that no one around can do.


  • The machine is gorgeous
  • The machine has all the Laura Ashley patterns and stitches included
  • The machine has the power to do anything that you need


  • You might not want all these decorations
  • You might not want to use the customization that much
  • You might not want a decorated machine


The Technical Side

The technical side of sewing machines is changing every year. It has passed a couple of decades since companies come up with the digital displays that were dominant in machines in the 90s, and they have moved on to touchscreens and patterns that you download online.

You could get an app for your phone to store all the things that you use to sew each pattern or stitch and new technology is coming out to make foot pedals more sensitive, to offer accessibility to people with disabilities, and to lighten the weight of each device. You are no longer lugging around a machine that is extremely heavy because they have been improved over time. Each one of the machines above could be helpful to you, and they can improve with new technology even after your purchase.


Which brand should I trust?

Nearly every brand of sewing machine makes good products. You are better off choosing a machine that has functions you want.

How do I learn to sew?

All these machines come with an instruction manual, and you can watch videos online from the manufacturer explaining how to use each device.

Why do I need more stitches?

Making these stitches on your own is extremely hard, and you will probably run into problems if you are trying to guide the fabric on your own. The stitches that are programmed into the machines will need just a little guidance from you, but the machine does the rest.

Why do I need accessories?

You need accessories because the feet on the machine make it easy for you to go through all the patterns and stitches that are programmed into the machine. If you do not have the right foot, the stitch will not come out right.

Why do I need an extension table?

The extension table is the only way to have support for all the fabric that you are working with. The extensions able makes it much easier to handle big quilts that you are sewing on and have to maneuver during the process.

Why do I want to have the instructional video?

You need a video that will tell you what to do with this particular machine because they are all different. You get direct instruction so that there is no confusion.

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