Best Sewing Machines for Home

Have you been having a hard time deciding on what sewing machine you want to purchase? Picking a device that fits all your needs and is generally the right sewing machine for you, can be a tough decision to make. If you’ve been sewing for a long time or you want to get in touch with your creative side, you should know every sewing machine is going to be different, and they all have unique features that can cater to your needs. It’s imperative that you take the time to look through credible sources to decide what you need. You ’ll want to know which sewing machine is going to be best for all your sewing wants, so continue reading and take a look at the ten models listed below.

Best Sewing Machines for Home

Sewing MachineModel NameOur RatingPrice
4.2 $
4.5 $
4.4 $
4.4 $$$
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4.3 $$
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4.4 $
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4.2 $

Singer Heavy Duty 4423 – Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine — $$

The Singer Heavy Duty 4423 comes equipped with a wide assortment of abilities that can undertake many different jobs. The 4423 is singers current offering to the sewing community.

Singer 4423 manufactured of heavy-duty stainless steel is equipped with a motor that can deliver about 1,100 stitches per minute, very powerful. In entirety, the singer 4423 is capable of 23 elegant stitches; along with the stitches that we’re most privy to and more beautiful stitches.

The first things that’ll catch your eye regarding the Singer 4423 are its stainless steel construction. The entire device is constructed out of a stainless steel body that confers both protection and durability. The 4423 also comes with a myriad of presser feet, from zipper to all-purpose foot.

What sets the 4423 apart from any of its competitors is its free arm and a steel plate for sewing. There is also a storage compartment that’s included within the machine that will enable you to keep small tools of the trade.

This model is great for sewers looking to tackle heavy-duty projects with ease and effectiveness.


  • built from all steel
  • Fully automated threading
  • Newbie friendly
  • Long Warranty


  • Experienced users will not be satisfied
  • Materials like leather may pose a problem


Janome 2212 Sewing Machine – Beginner Friendly — $$

The 2212 is a sewing machine that’s for those that are somewhat new to the sewing profession. It offers 12 stitches as part of the device and an easy stitch length adjustment that very easy to use.

Janome 2212 comes outfitted with a free arm that makes the Janome 2212 versatile for a lot of different sewing jobs. The Janome 2212 also features a very light design that makes it very easy to carry wherever you go.

The Janome 2212 sadly features a difficult to use a front-loading bobbin. The Front-loading bobbins are more prone to getting jammed.

A selector is included, and the dial will allow you to change the length of the stitches you make conveniently. The Janome is an excellent beginner-friendly machine that is fitting for all those looking to get started sewing and designing.


  • Durable
  • simple threading mechanism
  • portable
  • very easy to assemble
  • saves money on the electric bill


  • bobbin is inconvenient
  • makes too much noise


The Brother XR3774 Sewing Machine – Bargain Buy — $$

The Brother XR3774 sewing machine comes fully equipped with 37 stitches able to convey top-notch stitch quality.

A great addition to the XR3774 is that it comes with its own LED lighting system. It also features at least eight presser feet that beneficial to all sewers. The XR3774 also comes with a lot of accessories, like a free needle set and a quilting manual.

(*green)The bobbin on the XR3774 is very easy to use and not to mention it’s jam resistant. Also, a fully automated needle threader is included on the device. The XR3774 is also capable of reaching sewing speeds of 800 stitches per minute.

The XR3774 is an absolute bargain, and I recommend its threading efficiency for those who want to create wonderful work without any unnecessary hassle.


  • Very quiet
  • Great for large projects
  • Needle threading is easy
  • Very accessible
  • Travel-Friendly


  • No steel protective outer shell


Brother SE400 – Great For Embroidery — $$

The SE400 sewing and embroidery machine brought to the market by Brother comes fitted with 70 designs, 67 stitches, 5 Lettering Fonts, and a plethora of embroidery designs that have melded into the actual sewing machine. The embroidering functions of the SE400 gives it a head up against all its competitors, even users you maybe newcomers to the embroidery field can use this machine to create beautiful designs.

A unique characteristic that stands out on this device is that it can seamlessly connect to the computer, this is exceptionally modern and advantageous because it leaves room for future downloads to improve the workings of the SE400. The computer connectivity will also allow users to download new embroidery designs.

The Brother SE400 does tend to have a problem with broken needles and price is low when you compare it to other embroidery machines in its class. Regardless, the primary concern would be the durability of the device because its material is somewhat cheap and may break after daily usage.

If you’re a fan of embroidery, the SE400 is a great tool to bring your designs to life.


  • Easy to thread
  • Connects to the computer
  • Good price point
  • Great for embroidery
  • Comes with a spacey work area


  • durability


Singer 7258 Sewing Machine – Best for Newcomers — $$

The Singer 7258 design is a sight to behold. The simple design and accessible features of the 7258 make it very easy to use, especially for beginners.

The 7258 is a beginner-friendly device, an automatic needle threader and LED display screen helps bolster that claim. This Singer 7258 also highlights an easy to use bobbin system with settings that are changeable to fit all your needs. The package also includes a DVD that tells you how to use the machine optimally.

A novel and advantageous characteristic of this device is the fact that an automatic setting allows sewing without using any foot pedals and it also adjusts the speed while doing so.

The Singer 7258 is great for newcomers. A lot of the features are automated and easy to use. The 7258 is for those trying to get their feet wet, and the 100 stitch patterns offer plenty of design opportunities.


  • Newbie friendly
  • Assembly is easy
  • Great price point
  • Bobbin is easy to use


  • Not good for tougher materials like leather


Brother 1034D – Best For Everyday Jobs — $$

The Brother 1034D sewing machine is capable of automatic threading and comes equipped with a bunch of free accessories. Within package is all the instructional material that you’ll need to ensure that your machine is set up correctly and ready to use without any additional hassles.

The fully automated threading of the 1034D, the 22 stitches and the thread overlock system are a great addition to the 1034D. The 1034D is also capable of completing 13000 stitches per minute, and the Knife blade included within the package is even fully retractable.

A great feature is that the Brother 1034D comes equipped with an adaptable presser foot that provides continuous pressure to ensure that all of your designs come out with optimal stitching.

The Brother 1034D is for everyday use and fitting for the battering it may take when used often. If you intend to sew a lot, the 1034D is for the long haul.


  • Easy to thread
  • affordable


  • Not good for tough fabrics


Singer Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine – A True Workhorse — $$

The Heavy Duty 4452 sewing machine comes equipped with a strong motor for increased speeds. An adjustable presser foot and steel bedplate enables fabric manipulation. The 4452 is excellent for all of your more significant projects.

There are 32 stitches and a bobbin that very functional and easy to use. The 4452 also comes equipped with a myriad of accessories and unique features such as a sewing assistant app to help you discover the different parts of the machine, how to set up the device to start, and how to select stitches for different methods.

The Singer 4452 gives owners the ability to adjust the stitch length and width, foot pressure, and free arm. The machine is composed of heavy-duty metal for added durability and long-term protection. The Singer 4452 is an absolute workhorse of a sewing machine. If you intend to take on tougher jobs with challenging material, Singer 4452 is your perfect bet.


  • Stitches are exceptional
  • Great for tough fabrics like leather
  • Plenty of options
  • Easy to use
  • Fast


  • Difficult for Beginners


Brother HC1850 Sewing Machine – Best In Tech Advancement — $$

The Brother HC1850 is very easy to assemble out the box. They include a DVD within the package that gives you step by step instructions on how to set the device up right out of the box. The LED and LCD lights on the front side of the sewing machine help to keep the visibility very high. Not to mention, it’s incredibly easy to thread.

The HC1850 boasts an automatic needle threading system. The Brother HC1850 also comes with sewing and quilting that’s not computerized like other models. The HC1850 also includes a speed control slider that will allow you to gradually increase the speed when you’re sewing, so speed shouldn’t be an issue especially since it’s still able to reach stitch rates of 800 per minute.

As previously mentioned the Brother HC1850 also comes equipped with a unique feature for quilting, hence the larger detachable table for handling such large projects.

The device also comes with 130 different stitch patterns and a monogramming tool for added creativity. The Fully automated Brother HC1850 is for all. It’s fully automatic, so its more comfortable to use, and the online connectivity is a convenient addition.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Gives you the ability to adjust speeds
  • Not expensive
  • Great assortment of stitches


  • Portability
  • Durability


Juki TL-2000Qi Sewing Machine – Best Straight Stitch — $$

The Juki TL-2000Qi is a single needle sewing machine that does best on jobs requiring only straight stitching. It boasts a maximum speed of 1500 stitches per minute. It comes fitted with a large sewing table which is great for larger projects like sewing quilts. It is also sturdy and stable.

The TL-2000Qi is fast and powerful. It has the capability of sewing through thick fabric like leather and jeans materials. The large sewing space and sturdy build are excellent for taking on those tough jobs.

If you’re planning on embarking on a project centered around straight stitches, the Juki is for such jobs. It boasts a fast 1500 stitches per minute.


  • Efficient speed
  • Great for quilting
  • Roomy
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Only straight stitch
  • expensive


The Singer 4411 Sewing Machine – The Overall Professional Machine — $$

The 4411 Sewing Machine made by Singer is an excellent tool for those heavy-duty projects. It comes equipped with a metal frame and steel bedplate for added durability. The most important change to this model is the speed, its ability to handle 1,100 stitches per minute, is an excellent supplement for those looking to work quickly.

The high speed of the 4411 sewing device could be tough for newcomers to get used to, but a direction manual is within the package. The device comes with 11 built-in stitches among other fully automatic features. Speed is the selling point of the 4411, and many of the additions are meant to help you save time.

The Singer 4411 is for sewers looking for a more heavy-duty machine to take on those tough jobs.


  • Very high speeds
  • automatic threading
  • Great for heavy-duty jobs


  • Difficult for Beginners


Buyers Guide

Be sure to read up on the Warranty

Be sure to read exactly what the warranty says. Also, be aware of any sales and always give the sewing machine a test run before deciding to purchase it. Bring your own fabrics and test the sewing machines in different settings to make sure they work according to how they’re marketed.

Always choose the correct type and size needle when sewing

Make sure you always research the right needles. Be sure to change your needles out every few years or so to ensure that you’re following safety guidelines and getting the best out of your machine.

Be sure to know who can repair your device

Many stores offer the option of fixing your device if it were to be damaged. Be aware that the warranty on your sewing machine can be canceled if you take it to an authorized repair service. It’s always a safe bet to send the machine off to the company if any repairs are needed.

The Three Different Types Of Sewing Machines On The Market

Fully Mechanical Machines

These types of machines require you to handle all the controls manually. These are great for casual sewers who are sewing just for fun or aren’t planning on taking on heavy jobs.

Electronic Machines

For the more experienced sewers who want more of an upgrade, an electric model is a good purchase. These models use advanced computer software and are able to be upgraded regularly.

Embroidery Sewing Machines

These contain all the features in the electronic machine, plus the ability to do embroidery projects. Designs come within the device, or on memory cards. A touchscreen gives you control of designing what you want.

The Different Features Of Sewing Machine Features

Great Controls

You always want to purchase a device that’s responsive to any pressure changes when you engage with the pedal. The control buttons that are included should be very easy to see and read, and the device should generally be straightforward and easy to use without causing too much hassle.

The Sewing Machine Should Be Portable

Always choose sewing machines that easy to move from place to place. Chances are you’re going to move your device around quite a bit so you want to ensure that its lightweight and easy to move.

Take a Good Look At The Presser Feet

Be aware of the variations in presser feet of your chosen sewing machine. Having added flexibility in presser feet can broaden your horizons and give you access to a wide array of functionality.

Get A Sewing Machine That Allows You To Control The Speed

Purchase a sewing machine that allows you to control every aspect of the speed. Being able to control the speeds will allow you the ability to get jobs done fast and efficiently.

Machines With A lot Of Different Stitches Are Better

Be aware of the number of Stitches that your sewing machine offers. Having a variety in stitching ability will lead to plenty of designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I make sure my machine is clean?

Cleaning the machine is solely based upon how often it’s used. Some fabrics leave more lint on your device than others. Maintaining and cleaning the equipment ensures that it’s operating smoothly.

What causes the bobbin thread break or become damaged?

This can be because the bobbin is not incorrectly, threaded inaccurately, or there is too much tension.

Why does my sewing machine tend to skip stitches?

Your needle is defective, inserted incorrectly, or the pressure on the foot is inadequate. Be sure to apply pressure, an inadequate pressure is usually the culprit.

Why do my needles always seem to break?

Incorrectly inserting the needles may cause them to break, and using the wrong needle size can cause them to break. Broken needles are dangerous, so it’s vital that you correct this immediately.

Why isn’t the sewing machine feeding the fabrics accurately?

Your drop-feed is out of line, you’re not putting enough pressure, or the stitch length knob is zero. These mishaps can essentially cause the sewing machine to feed improperly.

Whether you’re an avid sewer or an excited newcomer, the sewing machines featured on this list offer enough features to keep you excited every day. For the professional, the Singer 4411 Heavy Duty machine is ideal for the tough jobs with a myriad of intricate fabrics, and for the newcomer, the Janome 2212 and the Singer 7258 are both user-friendly and easy to use and function for your basic sewing needs. There’s even something for the creative; the Brother SE400 comes equipped with embroidery designs rivaling professionals. From automated to old fashion, fully computerized to manual, the current market ensures that there is plenty of modern up to date sewing machines suitable for all your sewing needs. Protection Status