Best Sewing Machines for Making Clothes

Sewing machines for personal and professional use are made for different purposes depending on your needs. Sewing machines that are used for making clothes are typically those that are the simplest, have the most stitch options, and provide you with the opportunity to add large spools of thread for big jobs. There are several sewing machines below, and each of them will help you make clothing that you can be proud of.

Best Sewing Machines for Making Clothes

Sewing MachineModel NameOur RatingPrice
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The Singer Heavy Duty 4423$

The Singer Heavy Duty 4423 is the standard sewing machine that you could purchase from Singer. They make many more styles, but the 4423 is the recognizable shape and style of a Singer machine. The Singer brand is emblazoned on the body, and it is easy to carry. This is one of the traditional Singer line, and it might remind you of the machine your mother or grandmother had long ago.

It comes with multiple stitches programmed in the machine, and there are many programs that help you with little embroidery jobs and designs. You might use this device for custom clothes for your family, or you could default to the stitches that hold together designer pieces.

This machine is recommended for all those who do not want to use anything that is too complex. You get the programmed stitches from the machine, and you can use any of the designs included.


  • Small enough to move around
  • Easy to use the programmed stitches
  • Designed for home use


  • Might not have enough design programs for you
  • Cannot handle big or commercial jobs


The Singer 4452 Sewing Machine$

The Singer 4452 is another of the heavy duty machines from the Singer brand, and it comes with the traditional dial that allows you to choose your program or style. It has a high-speed function that allows you to move through heavy jobs quickly, and there is an automatic needle-threading module that helps you thread any needle no matter how complex. You might want to work with this machine because it moves fast, but it is not so big that it is hard to move around the house.

The 4452 comes with multiple stitches programmed in the device, and there are decorative styles that you can run yourself. You might use this product to thread buttonholes, and it allows you to use the high speed to get the perfect look on each stitch.

This device is recommended because it allows you to do everything that you need to make clothing, and it has the high-speed function you need. Someone who is in love with the Singer brand will find this machine helpful for all their big jobs.


  • The machine allows you to stitch anything from hems to designs and buttonholes.
  • You can fit this machine into a small space.
  • The machine will thread your needles for you.


  • The machine might not have enough decorative programs for you.
  • The machine could be too small for people who do heavy work with thick fabrics.


The Brother SE600 Sewing/Embroidery Machine$

The Brother SE600 Sewing/Embroidery machine comes with a touch display and special embroidery loom that you can attach to the desk. This device has an extended table that allows you to use the loom, and it helps you set up the machine to do the embroidery for you. It is programmed with all the designs most people use, and it threads your needle when required. This is a little bit bigger than your traditional sewing machine, adn it has the extended table that was made specifically for the embroidery loom.

This machine has a low-speed motor that is perfect for people who are doing small hemming jobs and embroidery. It will produce any pattern that you see on the touchscreen, and you can run it with the foot pedal or let it run itself. You must remember that this device can be used for clothes, or you could lay down the garment under the loom to get the embroidery sewn directly to the fabric.

The Brother SE600 is recommended because it can get you through embroidery that must be done to make your garments unique. It comes with its own loom so that you can frame the design, and it will run the programs on its own.


  • Embroidery is a fantastic addition to any sewing machine.
  • The loom helps you adjust and frame each item you want to embroider.
  • The machine has more than enough programs for someone who likes to do custom embroidery on their own clothes.
  • The extended table helps you hold up large garments while using the loom.


  • The machine does not have the high-speed setting that you might have wanted for big jobs.
  • The machine might be difficult for you to move around because of the extended table.


The Singer Heavy Duty 4411 Sewing Machine$

The Singer 4411 Sewing Machine was designed as a much stronger version of its standard machines. It has a stainless steel plate that will last for years to come, and you can adjust the needle position to get the exact stitch that you want. The device also comes with an adjustable foot pedal that makes it much easier for you to manage the speed that the machine sews.

This machine has built-in stitches and programs that you need for designing your clothes, and you can change those stitches on the screen at any time. You might want to have the machine run a program for you, and you can let it go while you press the foot pedal and observe. This is a heavy duty machine that can sew through heavy fabrics, and it is much easier to manage because of the power in the motor.

This device is recommended for all sewing enthusiasts because it provides you with the stitches that you need to do your standard work, and it also helps you when you want to put a design on a piece of clothing.


  • The device is strong enough to sew almost any fabric.
  • It has the programs that allow you to make any stitch or design.
  • The device has a needle threader that helps you get started.



  • The device might not give you enough surface area to work on big projects.
  • It is possible that you will need more programmed stitches or a place to set your loom.


The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing Machine$

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is one of the largest sewing machines you will ever see. It was made with an extended and widened table so that you can support the biggest jobs that you do, and it has a simple way of adjusting everything on the device to get the results that you want. The heavy duty table works well for heavy clothes or quilts, and it has to stabilize legs to keep your items from moving during sewing.

The Quantum Stylist comes with 600 stitches that you can use at any time, and it has the needle threading machine that gets you started faster than ever. You can run the programs on your own, or you could actually leave the machine on autopilot if that is what you want. Someone who has many big jobs to do could let the machine do much of it for them.

This machine is recommended because it does everything you need. You will never be caught without a way to create your favorite designs, and you will notice that you can use this machine for heavier items than clothes.


  • The device has a large and very stable table for sewing.
  • You can run up to 600 programs for stitches.
  • It has an autopilot that you can use when a big job requires many very long stitches.


  • The device might be way too big for you.
  • You might not want something that is so complex.


The Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing Machine$

The Brother HC1850 is a computerized sewing machine with a display that tells you which stitch you are using, and it has a chart that you can use to pick the right stitch for each garment. You can run this device with the adjustable foot pedal, and you could use the machine to sew anything from clothes to quilt. The larger work surface makes your job easier, and it comes with eight feet for the best sewing results.

The device has a foot pedal that will let you change the speed of the job at any time, and you can choose from one of many different programmed stitches that are in the machine. The machine does all the work, and you only need to keep the fabric going straight when it feeds into the needle.

This machine is recommended because it comes with the instructional DVD that you need to learn how to use it, and you could use this device in accordance with the DVD as you learn. It has more than enough stitches for the hobby tailor, and allows you to adjust the feet easily.


  • The machine has many stitches that are listed on the chart.
  • You can sew anything from clothing to quilts on this machine.
  • It comes with a DVD that helps you learn how to use the device.


  • The machine might feel overwhelming with the stitch chart and computerized display.
  • You might need a larger table for the heaviest fabrics or biggest jobs.


The Brother CS6000i Sewing And Quilting Machine$

The Brother CS6000i is a sewing machine made for everything from quilting to tailoring. There is a very long table on the end of this device, and it allows you to use the heaviest and biggest fabrics while sewing. It has more than enough programmed stitches to keep you busy, and it allows you to run the machine on autopilot when you have started a job.

The Brother CS6000i is a simple device to use because you can input everything on the display, and you can change the feet if needed. The extended table makes it bulky enough for quilters, and the design programs can run on autopilot with no problem. The foot pedal makes it easy to change the speed, and you can pack it into the carrying case when the time comes.

This device is recommended for anyone who has diverse interests. You might want to use this machine for clothes, and you can make anything else that you want at the same time.


  • The device is large enough for even the most avid quilter.
  • It has access to hundreds of programmed stitches that you can run on autopilot.
  • The extended table makes it easier for you to handle big garments or quilts.


  • The device is probably too big for a small apartment.
  • The device might be too complex for a novice tailor.


FAQs And Buyer’s Guide

Can I Get One Sewing Machine To Do All My Sewing?

You can buy one sewing machine for all your sewing provided that it has a large enough table for your needs. You should pick the machine that has the best assortment of programmed stitches along with the power that is needed to make those stitches. Someone who gets a much smaller sewing machine will have a hard time with quilting, and someone with a big sewing machine might be overwhelmed if they never do big jobs.

Why Do I Need Multiple Feet?

Feet for your sewing machine change the contact that you get with the fabric, and it is very simple for you to change them out based on the stitch you want to make. The machines that have their own instructions or instructional DVDs tell you which feet to use with each stitch. You get more value from a machine that allows you to use many feet, and you could keep a collection of feet as you become a more confident tailor.

What Does A High-Speed Machine Do?

A high-speed machine has an extra speed that can be used for heavy sewing jobs. The high-speed machine that you get is meant to work on heavy fabrics, and it might be helpful to you when you have long stitches that you know will take some time to complete. High speed gets the job done faster, and you can make something like a quilt or blanket much faster.

What Is Auto Pilot?

The autopilot is designed to run the device as fast as possible so that you can run a long stitch without having to watch over it so carefully. There are many people who have problems with their sewing because they cannot keep up with the longest stitches that take so long to do. It is smart for you to get a machine with autopilot if you get tired or have problems with the length of the jobs that you are doing.

Why Do You Need An Extended Table?

An extended table for your sewing machine makes it much easier for you to create large quilts or large pieces of clothing. You must choose a sewing machine with a big table when you know for a fact that you have many big quilts or blankets to lay across the device. These devices are made so that you have support for the items you are using, and the extended table should have stabilizing feet that will keep it from moving around.

Why Do I Need The Automatic Threading Device?

The automatic threading device that you are using will help you get your needles ready when you know that it is very hard for you to personally get the needle going. You will be much happier with your sewing hobby because you are not poking yourself or struggling with the thread as it goes through the needle. This also means that you could change threads easily so that you can move on to other parts of the job if you are using more than one color or style of thread.

What Is The Purpose Of The Display?

You must find a sewing machine that would let you know what you are sewing on a touchscreen or display. You need to remember that you have a chance to choose the right stitch, and you could use the stitch that is displayed on a chart. You could use the display to see what the design will be when the machine starts running, and you should learn how to use the stitches before trying to sew.

How Do You Save Money On Your Sewing Machine Purchase?

You can get a heavy duty for much less money, and you can figure out which machine will do what you want based on the things you plan to make. You could plan to make clothes, or you could plan to make something that is much more substantial like a blanket. The machines that you buy do not need to be expensive, and that means that you will get some value out of these items.

How Long Does A Sewing Machine Last?

The sewing machine that you buy should last a lifetime. These items will last forever because they are so durable, and they are designed to help you have the sewing pleasure that you want every year in your home. You should buy one sewing machine when you are ready to sew because you will never need to replace it. These companies stand behind their products, and they will repair and/or replace them as part of their warranty.

Does The Brand Matter?

The brand does not matter for most purchases because the best sewing machine companies in the world all make great products. You will never have problems with these items because they are all made with the best technology. These devices can be upgraded easily, and they can be used to help you sew anything you like from the blankets and quilts to your clothes. You might fall in love with a certain brand, but you do not need to choose one over the other because of the name.

Carrying Cases

You need to look at carrying cases for your sewing machine because some of these devices have a case that makes them more portable. You could fold up some of these items into the case, and you can carry a lot of things that you need to sew all the items you were hoping to sew. You need to look carefully at these cases because they are all different, and they all take up a different amount of space.

Who Needs A Sewing Machine?

A sewing machine is a great addition to the house, and you could get one right now that will let you make anything that you want. You can sew clothes for little kids, and you can customize clothes for your family. You might choose something that allows for embroidery, or you could use the machine to learn how to sew anything that you have been hoping to learn about for some time or promise to your family.


Sewing machines chosen for making clothes are found in many different styles, are made by different brands and are created to make your life easier. The modern sewing machine is much lighter than normal, and they all have programs that help you make the best clothing for your family. You will see an incredible increase in your style when you have the ability to make your own clothes, and all of these sewing machines give you the chance to make something beautiful.

There are many people who will go out looking for a new sewing machine, and you could try any of these devices. All these machines are made to help you get the best stitches done, and you could use one of these devices to run the stitches for you. That means that you will have a good time sewing, and you can let the sewing machine guide you with its programmed stitches, buttonhole threading, and automatic threading when needed. Protection Status